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Trends for 2023 and beyond

Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Leaders have to stay on top of trends and how they affect their business in order to stay competitive. Having knowledge of global developments, industry shifts and trends allows them to be proactive rather than reactive.

It is crucial for you to consider how factors like social change, technology, the economy and the environment can significantly influence your company’s direction and growth.

This series from Vistage speaker, member and strategy expert Marc Emmer covers projected trends for these factors in 2023 and includes insights you can leverage when developing your strategic plans. Embracing these trends and aligning them with your company’s goals and objectives can help you continue to innovate.

Keep current with the latest developments with a deep dive into these four areas of change.

Tech trends 2023Part 1: Technology trends for 2023 and beyond

Management teams are in a conundrum as they contemplate growing IT budgets against a backdrop of a 2023 slowdown. More than half (51%) expect to increase technology budgets by an average of 21% with investments focused on AI, IT infrastructure, network connectivity and cybersecurity.

Eco trends 2023Part 2: Ecological trends for 2023 and beyond

Increasingly, public companies are focusing on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). Businesses are taking a more holistic view of their impact on their communities and the world in general. Learn about the trends driving these changes and the strategies companies are using to lessen their environmental impact.

Economic trends for 2023Part 3: Economic trends for 2023 and beyond

Daily news reports focus on the direction of interest rates, inflation and the potential magnitude of a recession. Take a closer look at the economic outlook projections for 2023 and understand the significant trends that are shaping the future.

social trends thumbnail Part 4: Social trends for 2023 and beyond

Americans are highly divided on social issues ranging from increasing health care costs, a softening real estate market, consumer behavior and the COVID hangover. Here’s a non-political viewpoint on the social issues facing leaders today and impacting businesses.

State of Employment and WagesSpecial Report: The State of Employment and Wages

Explore key forces driving the state of employment and wages today — from hybrid and remote working to employee satisfaction to wage pressures. Discover ways to attract top talent and unleash productivity.

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