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Trends facing business in 2022 and beyond

Savvy CEOs understand that business can change as trends become norm rather than the exception. They know that shifts in their industry, locally or globally, can have an immediate impact on their companies, sometimes for the long term.

Noticing those shifts can allow them to respond strategically rather than with knee-jerk reactions to fads. And how your business capitalizes on trends in social change, politics or technology or the environment can affect your ability to evolve in the right direction.

Our annual four-part series from Marc Emmer, president of management consulting firm Optimize, Inc., covers the trends business leaders can capitalize on as they develop their strategic plans for 2022. Business leaders can inspire innovation and avoid stagnation by embracing trends that align with their mission, vision and purpose.


Keep current with the latest developments with the following analysis of 4 areas of change:

Part 1: Social trends facing business in 2022 and beyond

The “Great Resignation” has been coined to describe the mass exodus of employees. One of the more shocking statistics is the number of Americans choosing not to work at all. This is just one of the social trends that will impact business in 2022 and beyond. 

Part 2: Technology trends facing business in 2022 and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a massive digital transformation. Nearly every industry needs to consider the impact of artificial intelligence, machine learning and digitization. Those who choose not to participate will be left behind.

Part 3: Ecological trends facing business in 2022 and beyond

In 2021, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calculated that climate disasters in the U.S. have cost over $100 billion. Businesses are gaining a stronger appreciation for their responsibility to protect the environment with efforts like these that support sustainability.

Part 4: Economic trends facing business in 2022 and beyond

Just as the economy began to bounce back from the economic shutdown of 2020, business owners were hit with unprecedented supply chain shocks, labor shortages and inflation. As we look ahead, CEOs must reconcile which economic conditions are transitory and which ones are here to stay.

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