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Jan. 13 webinar: Trends for 2023 and beyond

Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Small and midsize businesses are facing heightened uncertainty heading into 2023. The war in Ukraine, high energy costs, inflation and a shifting job market offer a witch’s brew of threats and opportunities for SMBs.

In this Vistage webinar, Joe Galvin will be joined by veteran Vistage speaker and strategist Marc Emmer, whose annual trends series is among the most consumed content on the Vistage Research Center. Marc and Joe will update members on key economic, social, technological and ecological trends for 2023, and how members can leverage such trends for competitive advantage. Marc will also publish a special report on employment and wages that provides insight into how members can navigate the tricky employment landscape. Joe will offer insights on Vistage member confidence, and implications for investment in 2023 and beyond.

Key topics will include:

  • How will members stem the tide of rising employment costs?
  • How are members pricing in a period of inflationary pressure?
  • When will the pressure subside?
  • How are members leveraging automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning today?
  • How are members incorporating ESG into their business practices?

And more …

How to attend 

Date: January 13, 2023 

Time: 1:00 p.m. ET/ 10:00 a.m. PT 

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About the presenter

marc emmerMarc Emmer is an author, speaker and consultant recognized as a thought leader throughout North America as an expert in strategy & strategic planning. The release of Marc’s second book, Momentum: How Companies Decide What to Do Next, was covered online by Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, CBS and NBC. Marc is a frequent contributor to the Vistage Research Center, and

Optimize has an impressive client list including public companies such as Starbucks, CBRE, Rio Tinto, Justice (stores), Klipsch and over 80 Vistage members. Marc has worked in a diverse range of industries including financial services, health care, technology and energy. Marc has also served as an advisor to several serial entrepreneurs and has served on numerous for-profit and nonprofit boards.

Marc is also an accomplished speaker, having delivered over 400 keynotes for organizations such as the Association for Corporate Growth, Vistage, Allinial Global and the National Coaches and Mentors Association. His weekly strategy blog is received by over two thousand senior executives. 

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