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Better leaders.
Better decisions.
Better results.

Vistage Group Membership Overview

Get an overview of our membership process, programs, group locations and reviews. Our unique approach to executive coaching helps executives grow their leadership skills to improve their companies, lives and communities.

Our Approach 
Rapid growth comes from diverse perspectives
Vistage membership gives you access to a vast range of experience, insights and wisdom from respected business leaders so you can make better decisions — and get better results.
Our programs 
Programs for all levels of leadership
Your leadership is your best investment. Choose from customized programs for CEOs, key executives, emerging leaders, business owners and service providers.
Vistage Group Locations 
Peer advisory groups near you
Vistage has group locations in many major cities throughout the United States. That means your group will understand your community and work to fit your needs.
Our results 
Vistage members outpace the competition
Our proven formula for success has helped top executives and business owners grow their companies more than twice as fast as the competition.

Vistage Membership Application

Take your success to a new level. To find out more about a Vistage membership, please tell us a little bit about yourself. Complete the form below to find out if you qualify.

With Vistage you’re joining a powerful community of high-caliber executives who challenge each other, inspire each other and share their perspectives to help each other make better decisions, become leaders and achieve better results.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Vistage membership?

As a Vistage member, you’re part of a group of other CEOs, business owners or key executives who are committed to helping each other make better decisions, get better results and become better leaders.

How does Vistage work?

Vistage members set aside one day each month to meet with their peer advisory group and work on the big-picture vision for their business and address issues that may be holding them back. That means they make time to tackle strategic plans, as well as challenges and opportunities. During the meeting, they help each other vet ideas, troubleshoot strategies and find solutions together. Meetings are facilitated by an executive mentor (Vistage Chair) who uses a proprietary method for keeping the conversations focused and productive.

How many members does Vistage have?

Vistage has over 45,000 members in 35 different countries.

Is Vistage good for networking?

Vistage is much more than networking. It’s solving problems with a group of your peers in real-time. As a Vistage member, you also have access to Vistage Networks— a 24/7 online forum that helps you leverage the expertise of CEOs, business owners and executives around the world who share the same industry, affiliation, or area of interest. Members can connect online for feedback and critical advice, or meet in person at events featuring dynamic thought leaders.

Vistage by the Numbers


Vistage has been driving excellence leadership since 1957.


A global network of business leaders offers broader, more diverse perspectives.

members worldwide

Our growing membership is attributed to one factor: results.

revenue growth

In 2020, member companies grew revenue at 4.6%. Non-members saw a decrease of 4.7%.