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Trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

CEOs of small and midsize businesses need to keep a finger on the pulse of trends likely to influence business in the coming year. From artificial intelligence to climate change to the dominance of streaming technology, these trends can have a significant effect on how business is conducted and revenues are realized. The executive leaders who will grow their success in 2020 are the ones who stay informed of key developments and take them into consideration as they draft their strategic plans.

Vistage speaker Marc Emmer, who leads a growth consultancy specializing in strategic planning, provides insights into key trends in this five-part series.

1. COVID-19 trends report: Strategy considerations for a new world

A preview of factors driving change in the months and years ahead as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Social trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

Highlights include generational changes, housing, student loan debt, streaming technologies, biohacking and gun control.

3. Ecological trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

Among the must-know trends: cost of energy, climate change, competition of fossil fuels and renewables, agribusiness and water consumption.

4. Technology trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

Technology is accelerating in all areas: cyber security, automation and robotics, face-recognition software, software as a service (SaaS), drones and autonomous vehicles.

5. Economic trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

This piece drills into tariffs, interest rates and debt, M&A and consolidation, and trends in key industries including agriculture, automotive, aerospace and defense.

6. Political trends impacting business in 2020 and beyond

Healthcare, immigration, free trade and tech regulation are among the political trends business leaders should consider going into the new year.


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