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Expert roundtable on best practices for hiring and retaining hourly workers

Nearly two-thirds of small and midsize businesses are planning to expand their workforce in the next 12 months according to our latest research. The competition for qualified talent remains fierce with employers focused on differentiating with better compensation, development opportunities, culture and workplace flexibility.

To help CEOs think about how they can best address the hiring challenges surrounding frontline hourly workers, an expert panel of top Vistage speakers share their insights. Learn tactics from experts on retention, hiring and culture to improve your ability to attract and retain this high-turnover portion of the workforce.

About the presenters 

Cara Silletto, President & Chief Retention Officer, Magnet Culture

Workforce thought leader Cara Silletto, MBA, works with organizations to reduce unnecessary employee turnover. Cara is a highly-sought-after national speaker conducting 50-100 programs annually and her latest book, Staying Power: Why Your Employees Leave & How to Keep Them Longer, was released in March 2018.

Ryan Englin, CEO, Core Matters

Ryan Englin is the founder and CEO of Core Matters where his passion for supporting growing businesses, particularly in blue-collar industries, led to the creation of the Core Fit Hiring System. Growing up, he saw his own father working 12-hour shifts and weekends as an owner/operator, witnessing firsthand the struggles that these companies have in hiring quality frontline employees.

Susie Japs, Managing Director, Wejungo

Susie Japs is a successful Talent Strategy Consultant based in California. Susie manages the management consulting firm Wejungo®, helping companies improve how they hire, retain, develop and leverage top talent to accomplish their business goals. The Wejungo methodology has allowed Susie to not only be one of the leading national consultants in this space but she is also a practitioner of these proven talent strategy best practices across 500+ companies.

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