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Six barriers to finding and keeping great people in manufacturing

Watch the webinar “Six barriers to finding and keeping great people in manufacturing.”

In this webinar, Kathleen Quinn Votaw from TalenTrust challenges you to look deep into your culture and practices, and change anything that’s separating you from the talent you need to grow. She offers proven solutions to the six most common talent mistakes:

  • Compensation that’s misaligned with the market
  • Scope of role or job responsibilities is misaligned with market
  • Looking for “the purple squirrel” with unrealistic requirements
  • Not understanding the market: supply vs demand and passive vs competitive
  • Negative employment branding or reputation
  • An ineffective recruitment process

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About the Author: Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Kathleen is an engaging and authoritative speaker on culture, talent, and human capital strategy. With 30 years of professional experience, including 10+ years as a Vistage member and 15+ years as a CEO, Kathleen offers invaluable advice to …

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