Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Kathleen is an engaging and authoritative speaker on culture, talent, and human capital strategy. With 30 years of professional experience, including 10+ years as a Vistage member and 15+ years as a CEO, Kathleen offers invaluable advice to executives on how to find and keep their most valuable asset—their people. She is Founder and CEO of TalenTrust, a consulting firm that is revolutionizing how companies across the U.S. recruit, retain, and engage employees. Kathleen’s book, titled Solve the People Puzzle, and related talks feature her expert advice on how to create a strong company culture, attract employees that fit within that culture, and keep those employees for the long-term. Kathleen’s passion for growth allows her to connect business leaders with the right people and ideas to drive faster growth. Her success is based on a core belief that people and relationships are critical to business success. As a long-time Vistage member, Kathleen attributes much of her firm’s revenue growth to participation in the Vistage community.