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A framework for talent planning

To get superior business results, your company needs superior talent planning.

This isn’t a matter of opinion; it’s confirmed by research. At the National Center for Middle Market (NCMM), my colleagues and I have documented a strong correlation between talent planning and the growth and performance of middle market companies.

More specifically, our studies have found that the fastest-growing and best-performing companies are more likely to have a formal, established process for talent planning. They also tend to take a comprehensive and diverse approach to talent planning, implementing the full spectrum of talent planning activities.

If you’re ready to follow the lead of these companies, let the ABLE Framework serve as your guide. Created by the NCMM, the ABLE Framework can help you implement and coordinate talent planning activities by bringing more structure and substance to the process. Use it to evaluate your talent planning strengths and weaknesses, and determine whether you’ve dedicating sufficient attention and resources toward the critical parts of talent planning.

The ABLE Framework has four parts:

Part 1: Align talent strategy with corporate strategy
Part 2: Build the processes that you need
Part 3: Lead by example
Part 4: Engage the organization

This four-part series intends to help you gain a deeper understanding of these core requirements. In addition to describing each of the requirements in depth, these posts will provide a checklist for gauging the strength of your company’s talent planning activities.

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