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The right way to show employee appreciation

Employee appreciation or recognition is critical to a high-performing team. We all want to know when we’ve done a great job.

There’s a particular way to go about this process. For example, if one of your employees performs exceptionally well at a company event, you should:

• Recognize the team member as soon as possible after the event
• State specifically what the team member did that met or exceeded your expectations
• Tell the team member the impact the event or behavior had on you and the organization
• Encourage the team member to continue the performance
• End with a smile or handshake; be sincere

Here are a few other pointers to keep in mind.

Match the reward to the team member

Not every team member finds value in all types of recognition. One team member may appreciate public applause; another may prefer a private thank-you note. You, as the leader, must determine the best possible way to recognize your team member properly.

Exceed expectations

Exceed what someone expects for recognition. Go out of the ordinary. Step out of the box in showing your appreciation.

The chart, “I know who you are,” can help guide you through this process. Complete this form for each of your direct reports. It will help prompt you to know someone at a deeper level so you can be ready with a personalized “thank you” when it is called for.

Reward progress

Provide recognition for progressive steps, even when the ultimate goal is not yet achieved. This keeps the team motivated and aligned to get to the finish line.

Abide by the “KISS” rule

Keep It Simple and Sincere.

Use your resources wisely

Case in point: Download the chart, I know who you are, and use it often.

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