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Vistage CEO Doubles-Down on Kidz and Seance Programs

Vistage CEO Leon Shapiro revealed a piece of stunning news today about the role the kidzVistage Kidz and Vistage Seance programs, which were rolled out two years ago today, will play in the future of the company.    “Quite frankly, it’s what attracted our new owners and me to Vistage,” Shapiro said.   Shapiro added that when the owners were conducting their due diligence on the company, they liked the core business, but they were captivated by the growth potential of these two programs.

Vistage Kidz is for kids and run by kids. The groups are “smaller” (obviously) and facilitated by mini-Chairs who are screened for leadership skills and the ability to sit still for more than 10 minutes.  The groups meet once a month for a half-day rather than for the full eight hours (at least to start).  One-to-one “kidzecutive” coaching sessions occur on a monthly basis under parental supervision, but without “parental interference.”  That way the mini-Chair can grow into the role.  Members get an early start at understanding the value of the peer advisory group experience, and it helps drive down the average age of the typical Vistage member to boot.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.34.29 AMThe new owners, leveraging their connections with AT&T, tested the Vistage Kidz concept on commercial television with an adult Chair (Beck Bennett).  You know those popular TV spots with the kids sitting around the table?   Those are Vistage Kidz.  The commercials not only helped the AT&T brand, it proved that Vistage Kidz has real growth possibilities.  Shapiro added, “The popularity of these spots, sparked by impressive performances by our own Vistage Kidz provides me with all the data I need to double-down on this program.  This is our future.”

Shapiro went on to say that he plans to invest just as much in the Vistage Seance program. seanceVistage Seance, as you may recall, was the brainchild of a group of senior leaders and board members (most of whom are still living, but no longer with Vistage) who met secretly about trying to “extend the Vistage experience” and its associated revenue stream.   The logic was simple: Stay with your Vistage Group forever and have your dues paid from your estate.  That way, everyone wins!  Shapiro said that while this program is just as successful as Vistage Kidz, it’s just not as visible.  “How could it be?”, he quipped.

For more information or further updates on these exciting programs, you may have to wait a year.  For now, enjoy your day!

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