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Build a winning customer referral program

What is the best way to grow your customer base? 

CEOs of small and midsize businesses rank customer referrals as one of the most effective ways to grow customers, according to a Vistage Research study. But most SMBs aren’t realizing the benefits of referrals because they lack a formal strategy. An optimized approach to customer referrals leverages the talent of the organization, focused training of staff, and technologies such as social media and online communities to strengthen the company’s brand.

Our report, Building a winning customer referral program   is a research-based framework for optimizing client-partner relationships.

Download the report to learn:

  • The three components of an effective referral program
  • How to build and nurture relationships to better connect with your ideal customers
  • How to motivate and reward your referrers, and how to treat referrals like VIPs

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