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David Friedman on how to leverage your culture as a strategic competitive advantage

World-class organizations have long recognized the powerful influence their cultures have on the performance of their people, and by extension, the performance of their companies. Not surprisingly, while most organizations allow their cultures to evolve naturally, top-performing ones don’t leave this to chance. Instead, they’re amazingly intentional about how they create and drive the culture they want to have. How they do it is the topic of this program.

This is not your standard abstract or theoretical program about the importance of creating a vision or mission statement. Rather, it’s a practical, actionable, no-nonsense program designed to give participants the tools to leverage their corporate culture as a distinct competitive advantage.

As a former award-winning CEO, David Friedman knows firsthand what it takes to build a high-performance culture, and more importantly, he knows the impact it can have on the bottom line. Delivered with his down-to-earth, yet passionate style, and filled with lots of examples from his 27 years of personal leadership experience, David’s program covers such topics as:

  • The difference between a good culture and a high-performance culture
  • Why values are less important than behaviors
  • Why vision and mission statements are often a mistake
  • Critical mistakes most leaders make in defining their culture, and how to avoid them
  • The role of ritual in sustaining a focus on culture over the long run

About the presenter

Prior to founding HPC, David was the President of RSI, an award-winning employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm that grew to become one of the largest and most successful independently-owned agencies in the country. RSI was named one of the Best Places to Work in the region seven times and was four times named one of the Fastest Growing companies. In 2006, RSI was the only company of any size in any industry to win New Jersey’s highest award for quality — the Governor’s Award for Performance Excellence – Gold Level.

In 2011, he published his first book, Fundamentally Different, which is based on the insights he learned and taught throughout his leadership career, and in 2018 he published his second book, Culture by Design, the definitive “how-to” manual for building a high-performance culture.

Today, in addition to leading HPC, David does more than 100 workshops and Keynote talks per year, sharing his experiences and wisdom with thousands of leaders across the country. 

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