Teaching your employees to ‘own it’ [video]

“I gotta do this. Not for my boss. For me.” — John Costigan

Show your employees how to invest in themselves

One of the biggest challenges CEOs face is instilling the employee motivation to passionately work toward and believe in a company’s success. And with good reason. After all, you’re the CEO whose vision and enthusiasm drives the company’s direction, and they’re the salespeople tasked with bringing that vision to life. It’s not that they aren’t motivated, but they lack your personal, emotional connection to the company. To them, it’s just another job.

One way to bring that sense of emotional investment to employees is to instill the idea of owning it, says Vistage Chair and speaker John Costigan. By working with employees to find out what emotional reward they require, and developing a plan that that connects your goals to that reward, CEOs can instill a powerful sense of personal ownership. Their successes, Costigan says, then become yours.

Costigan explains that instilling a sense of ownership in your employees is crucial to their success, as is linking their emotional motivations to your company’s wins. With a bit of time and effort, you can re-energize your workforce.

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