Getting clarity of purpose for your business [video]

“How many days do you feel like people showed up and weren’t in the same race as you?” — Holly Green

When your employees are dealing with a challenging client, do they have the company’s end goals firmly in mind? Does each and every member of your team know what winning looks like in your business? According to Vistage speaker and executive coach Holly Green, creating clarity on winning means that you must be able to define with specificity what your company’s targets are.

Specificity — that crystal clarity of goals that elite athletes use to cross the finish line and win — is the cornerstone of meeting milestones and strategizing for the win, regardless of the size or scope of your business. Green asserts that everyone instinctually wants to win, but problems arise when everyone has a different definition of what winning means.

Leadership in businesses of every size begins when you create clarity around your company’s goals, and define precisely to every member of your team, what winning looks like, feels like and is.

Are you a Vistage member? Watch Holly Green’s entire presentation here.

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