Steve Sisgold

Steve Sisgold has spent the past two decades delivering inspirational entertaining presentations, teaching thousands of people the skills, principles and innovative success strategies that enabled him to own and direct a successful Advertising and PR firm, be #1 of 500 salespeople in Konica Corporation for 6 years, and a top 20 sales leader with Shaklee Corp, plus a breakthrough coach to business leaders, best-selling authors and Grammy and Oscar winners.
Steve holds an M.A. in communications, a B.S. in business and certifications in body-centered psychotherapy and counseling. He has appeared on hundreds of major radio and TV shows including PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC and Oprah radio, and blogs for Psychology Today.

His new book, What's Your Body Telling You? from McGraw-Hill , launched at number 7 on the S.F Chronicle Bestseller List and # 1 on in several categories.

Steve specializes in helping individuals and organizations stay resilient during challenges, engage with their team and clients in an authentic, very effective way, enhance their leadership skills, through self awareness and inspirational thinking, and how to increase confidence in making constructive decisions

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