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3 Power Moves for Greater Decision Making

Power Move One:  Know When to Disengage

power-moves-decision-makingIt is of utmost importance to recognize when you’ve entered into a no win situation and have a strategy that allows you to instantly get out and be at choice rather than in reaction. You can consciously step back and disengage from any situation that rattles your cage with one simple internal move.

Power Move One – When you get stuck remind yourself, “I am going to disengage and step back and give this situation some air”. Breathing deep into your belly also calms the nervous system, takes you out of the sympathetic nervous system and soothes the flight or fight reaction. Making decisions in flight or fight mode can be dicey; better to step back when intensity strikes and find a relaxed, calm state before taking decisive action or reacting in a way that adds fuel to the fire or costs you a client, good staff member or a lot of money which you regret later.

Power Move Two: Gather More Information: Facts Vs. Assumptions

A key to making the best decision is to have the ability to gather and assess accurate information first.

This power move allows you to view your situation more objectively and separate facts from spin-thoughts and spin-terpretations. For Power Move Two, remind yourself “I now choose to gather accurate information and evaluate it with both my mind and body.” Many decision-making systems recommend looking at a list of positives and negatives, or costs and payoffs in any given situation. These approaches have you figure out which choice is best from a largely rational point of view, which doesn’t necessarily work. Power Move Two engages IQ, EQ and BQ, mind and body, facts and feelings, as part of the decision making process. You learn how to scan your body-mind with feeling awareness, listening not just to your thoughts, but gut physical instincts and emotions too. Once you calmly inquire into your mental, physical and emotional state, you can respond appropriately to what is happening.

Use Power Move Two to sort out circumstantial evidence, to separate facts from false assumptions based on your fears, and outdated beliefs. This perspective helps you recognize and accept what you cannot control and focus your attention on what you can control or to get creative about what is possible.

Power Move Three: Make a clear decision and carry it through

The reminder for Power Move Three is: “I can make a powerful choice and follow through on my decision.” While the first two power moves are designed to help you attain a calm, balanced state in which you feel a inwardly alert and able to hold a clear view of what-is instead of what-is-imagined, the third Power Move allows you to embody and focus your personal power in alignment with your deepest desire—your passion and your purpose—and then bring that purpose-driven power fully into the decision-making process.

This move is all about getting clear, from a place of inner clarity and power, what you truly want in any situation. Knowing your authentic desire is essential so that you can choose and act decisively. We access this clarity of intention and desire in Power Move Three based on the grounded information we accessed in the first two moves. When you are aligned with your overall desired outcome, the power of that larger purpose or vision enhances the decision making process. Carrying through and not wavering back and forth saves you a lot of time, money and shows you took the time to step back, gather facts, listen to your gut and then as a leader carried through on a decision with confidence and clarity.

Weave these power moves into your life and you will gain a wider, more deeply informed perspective on situations that once might have baffled you. In time, they will become your natural way of moving through your business day.

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  1. Thanks Steve.  This is helpful to clear the emotional logjams in decision making.

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