Advancing Leader Program

Develop your managers into effective leaders

Vistage for Your Advancing Leaders

As a CEO, you depend on your experienced managers and team leads to execute your vision and achieve your goals. The Vistage Advancing Leader Program makes sure they have the training and leadership skill sets to deliver on all counts.

The Vistage Advancing Leader Program is designed to raise participants’ level of strategic thinking, communication and collaboration to help them deliver on your goals. Through the combination of expert speakers, application-based learning, peer feedback and customized evaluations, members learn to clearly define opportunities, gain internal alignment and lead implementation for greater organizational impact.

Benefits to your organization

Bench strength

Prepares employees for key leadership positions within your organization.

Improved execution

Develops effective leaders who demonstrate cross-functional collaboration to drive results.

Effective leadership

Equips senior managers at multiple levels with the tools and confidence to initiate and execute change.

Benefits to advancing leaders

Broaden cross-functional expertise

Develops effective thinking, communication and collaboration to manage strategic initiatives and deliver results.

Relationship building

Cultivates professional relationships with colleagues across departments and levels.

Recognition and career advancement

Enhances development and greater visibility with strong potential to advance within the organization.

Advancing Leader develops managers into effective leaders through the Effective Leadership Methodology

How Advancing Leader works

The Advancing Leader Program helps experienced and advancing managers turbocharge their professional growth through:

Expert speaker workshops:

Each meeting features a workshop with an expert who focuses on business topics and promotes effective leadership.

Effective leadership:

Members learn to think, communicate and collaborate effectively in order to propel professional growth.

Issue Processing focused on execution:

Using a structured framework to approach existing initiatives, challenges or opportunities, members gain clarity, peer feedback and next steps to deliver better results.

Cross-functional collaboration:

Members build and strengthen cross-departmental relationships with peers and colleagues for improved results.

Advancing Leader Program Overview

  1. Dynamic Group Meetings: 6 full-day meetings per year (every other month) facilitated by a Vistage Chair
  2. Cross-functional collaboration: Members proactively build and strengthen cross-departmental relationships in their organization for improved alignment and execution.
  3. Expert Speakers: 6 expert Vistage speaker workshops on business-related topics per year
  4. Online Community: 24/7 access to 45,000+ members across 35 countries

Frequently asked questions

What are leadership development programs for?

Each Vistage Leadership Development Program is designed to meet leaders at the level they are operating and help them excel. When every team member gets a consistent approach to training and development, it creates a unified experience for your organization that is aligned with your vision, mission and values.

How can a leadership team be developed?

Vistage offers comprehensive development programs for your C-level, advancing and high-potential leaders with the same world-class experience that our CEOs and business owners receive.

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