More than 20,000 executive leaders turn to their private advisory group for individual insight and leadership skills.

Often, finding solutions to the most pressing of business problems just needs a new perspective. With Vistage, you gain the opportunity to tap into the valuable insights of fellow CEOs, executives and business owners, and will see the proven results that peer advantage presents for your company.

In addition to meeting in a Peer Advisory Group to connect, influence and be challenged by other like-minded leaders, Vistage members benefit from one-to-one mentoring with seasoned business coaches – called Vistage Chairs – that are completely committed to your success and leadership development.

Through the accessibility of key tools, resources and training across a broad range of industries represented by Vistage’s global community, you can take your company to the next level and see the powerful outcomes that are changing businesses and lives.

“No book, no conference, no individual, no other resource has had the profound and lasting impact that Vistage has had on me as a business leader, father and husband. The experienced perspectives, actionable advice and invaluable support that I have gained from my peers, executive coach, and guest speakers have served as a roadmap to success for my company and my personal life. The return on investment from Vistage has been incalculable.”

Gerard Daher
President & CEO, Speedeon Data
Solon, Ohio
Vistage member since 2010

Benefits of Vistage:
  • Monthly meeting with other, non-competing, business leaders
  • Chairs who give you vital perspectives you need to overcome obstacles
  • Guidance and wisdom of peers
  • Expert speakers
  • Exclusive events and conferences, industry- and topic-based Networks
  • Private online portal

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