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Vistage Emerging Leader Program

Successful leaders know that the greatest investment you can make is in your people. But how do you prepare your rising stars to become your next generation of senior leadership? Consider the Emerging Leader Program, a dynamic, comprehensive curriculum that provides real world leadership training specifically for the middle manager.

Guided by an accomplished business leader and master facilitator, members develop core leadership competencies and the confidence to deliver on company goals.

Vistage Product Levels

Level 1: Chief Executive Program
Job Roles: CEO, President, Owner

Level 2: Key Executive Program
Job Roles: Executive Leadership Team

Level 3: Vistage Inside Program
Job Roles: Sr. Management Team

Level 4: Emerging Leader Program
Job Roles: Directors, Managers & Individuals

Unlike leadership programs that squeeze a wide-range of material into a few days and leave members without follow up, the Vistage Emerging Leader Program cultivates mastery by focusing on one topic at a time. Members are groomed to advance their careers within your company, rather than seek outside opportunities. The net result is a professional, empowered team of senior leaders who are prepared to grow with your business, taking it to the next level.

Benefits to emerging leaders:

  • Networking: Valuable opportunities to expand their sphere of influence and gain professional contacts of value.
  • Cultivate core leadership competencies: Training in 12 leadership skills within four key areas: personal, interpersonal, team and organizational leadership.
  • Career advancement: The confidence and proficiency to take on a greater leadership role.

Benefits to your organization:

  • Improved execution: Elevate the competency of all levels of leadership to develop an organization that is effective, adaptable and dynamic.
  • Employee retention: Incentivize top talent to seek advancement in-house through a culture of leadership development.
  • Bench strength: Fill mission-critical leadership roles with trusted, empowered employees.
  • Enhanced culture: Professional leaders model your company values, are ambassadors for your brand, and lift those in their sphere of influence.

How the program works

  • Commitment: 2-years of 12 full-day meetings held every other month
  • Curriculum: 12 core leadership competencies, with each meeting focusing on one core attribute to encourage mastery
  • Structure: Each meeting features an expert Vistage speaker who leads an interactive workshop that covers one of the competencies, followed by a seasoned Vistage Chair who teaches the mastery of it.
  • Reinforcement: Members collaborate with peers from inside and outside their companies to cultivate their leadership skills and effectiveness.

Strengthened through mentorship

  • Additionally, each Emerging Leader partners with a mentor who is typically from their own company. This mentor helps to guide and develop their leadership journey and ground their learnings in on-the-job situations.
  • The Vistage Chair and peers provide a sounding board for challenges, opportunities and any issues that arise.

Program features

  • Dynamic group meetings: Chair-facilitated interactive group of 16-30 peers committed to learning and development both personally and professionally.
  • Expert speakers: Vistage subject matter experts are sought-after speakers who deliver actionable takeaways that members can implement immediately.
  • Online community of support: 24/7 access to a global network of 23,000+ business leaders and top executives.

Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and midsize U.S. businesses.

Source: 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data

Retain top talent. Elevate your culture. Grow your business.

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What sponsoring CEO Members say

“The course has been very beneficial to our managers. They have quickly implemented what they have learned to the benefit of our organization. This is very timely as we are growing quite rapidly.”
— Sam Diaz, Executive VP, Plantgistix

“The Vistage Emerging Leader Program not only teaches great leadership principles but encourages participants to reflect on what they have learned. Doing so actually changes behaviors through group interactions and working with mentors. I have seen individuals not only learn but change habits and behaviors that will serve them personally and professionally throughout life.”
— Annette Zimmerman, President & CEO, Primeway FCU

What our Emerging Leader Members say

“The Emerging Leader Program has been invaluable to my professional growth. My team loves when I bring back useful tools and they have given me progressive feedback through my journey. Nothing has been more impactful than sharing my issues with my team. Hearing different takes, strategies, questions and recommendations. I have found that at the end of this process, I end up in a place that I wouldn’t have if I tried tackling an issue myself.”
— Aaron Mayer, Area Manager, Culinary Services Group

“This program has been an avenue to much-needed business acumen building that [before the program] I’ve had to pursue on my own.”
— Jaime Caballero, Director of Financial Planning & Analytics, Third Coast Chemicals

Empower your rising stars to become your next generation of senior leaders.

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