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Developing High
Potential Leaders at

Challenge: Develop Future Senior Leaders

With strong learning initiatives already in place for its front-line managers, Equifax sought a leadership development program that would align and engage a cohort of select high potential executives who showed promise for promotion to the C-suite within the next few years.

Solution: A Tailored Program That Builds Stronger Teams

Equifax chose to work with Vistage to configure a global leadership development program that would strengthen relationships, increase trust, improve communication, and maintain an innovative company culture.

Results: Greater Alignment, Collaboration and Accountability


Read how Equifax strengthened their bench and engaged their high potential leaders.

Watch Vistage Member Hunt Jackson describe his own growth as a leader during the program.

Listen to Tim Knezevich, VP of Global Talent Management, describe how the program saved Equifax millions of dollars in the first two years.

Download the Vistage Inside brochure to see what’s possible for your leadership team.

"One of the challenges of traditional leadership training programs is that there isn't a lot of accountability to apply what you learned. Everything about the Vistage Inside program is geared towards applied learning."

Tim Knezevich
Vice President,
Global Talent Management

"I thought it was a great experience that provided a number of tools to help us grow as leaders and to facilitate trust and camaraderie among
the group.

Hunt Jackson
Executive Director,
Emerging Markets