Cloud Computing: 3 Reasons Businesses Should Adopt the Cloud

By Rick Blaisdell

I would like to thank one of my readers for asking me the question that led to this article: What are the 3 greatest reasons a business should move to the cloud?

In the past, I’ve discussed both the benefits and disadvantages of cloud adoption, but it is time to bring some perspective on the matter from the point of view of those who have not yet moved to the cloud.

Obviously, each business has its own unique priorities and must decide for itself what is most important. In that sense, it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with some criteria that would apply in all situations. However, one thing is true of cloud computing: Its characteristics are universally beneficial.

With that said, I believe that all businesses could benefit from the advantages below, making these the top 3 reasons for any business to move to the cloud:

    • Cost. Successful businesses always look to reduce expenses, so this seems to be the most important reason for adopting cloud technologies. There are no upfront investments for hardware, and there is the great advantage of only paying for what you need and use. Cloud computing saves time and money and will also give your business a competitive advantage. (Here’s an example of how I reduced operational expenses by 30 percent.)
    • On-demand utility. Cloud computing will bring to your business both the efficiency and the flexibility needed in an ever-changing economic environment. It will allow you to focus on your product, processes and services, instead of dealing with IT problems. Does your business have specific usage patterns? Do you only need high resources during limited periods of time? These are the types of challenges for which cloud computing is the perfect solution.

What about you? What are the top three reasons for your company to move to the cloud?

Rick Blaisdell is an accomplished technical and business leader and a pioneer in the cloud computing field and in delivering the next generation of business technology. Focused on results, he has implemented revolutionary solutions to cut costs and improve efficiency. He is a creative thinker and visionary in the area of cloud computing. You can read more about him on his personal website,, or e-mail him directly at
Originally published: Sep 30, 2011

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