How to “Renovate” Your Business and Create Lasting Change


As an expert in reinvigorating businesses, Michelle Neujhar’s program is designed to challenge companies and individuals to renovate their organizations and lives. She will help you discover why, when and how to reinvigorate your company.

You will learn:

  • The definition of business renovation how often businesses should renovate
  • How to know when it’s time for a business renovation and the importance of getting buy in from employees
  • How to properly identify what needs to change in a business
  • Strategies for devising an action plan and strategic plan for renovation
  • The difference between business renovation and innovation

Michelle Neujhar helps organizations and individuals to renovate [reinvigorate, refresh, revive] their organizations. She challenges business leaders to create new opportunities, revive their potential and reinvigorate their passion. Michelle has owned three businesses, spent time in the corporate world as Director of Sales & Marketing and has consulted with hundreds of small businesses. In 2007 she won the Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year at SMCC where she serves as the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center and an associate professor of business.



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