[Podcast] Developing an Agile Organization


Mike Richardson is the author of the book called WheelSpin!  The Agile Executive’s Manifesto:  Accelerate your Growth,  Leverage Your Value,  Beat Your Competition. He helps CEOs, executives and managers master the whole challenge, the whole problem and the whole solution of their agility, as a leader, as a team, as an organization, a business and an enterprise

You will learn:

  • The definition of agility, and why it’s becoming increasingly crucial
  • Why agility is the only competitive advantage that has any permanence
  • The reconfiguration life cycle of your Industry and why it matters
  • When we need agility and where it comes from
  • The role of conversation flow in developing agility



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Becoming an Agile Leader

The Agile Leadership of Navy Seals

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Mike Richardson About the Author: Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson is an agility pioneer, dedicated to cracking the code of organizational agility for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, making possible tomorrow what seems impossible today with Learn More

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