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How to find great people: Recruitment is a sales process

Recruitment is an ongoing sales process

Do you spend time and energy on employee attraction, just as you do on customer attraction? Establishing and maintaining a strategic recruitment process ensures you’ll hire and retain talented individuals to fit your unique culture and help drive your company’s growth. You’ll address immediate hiring needs and have a pipeline of candidates available when you need them. I offer a step-by-step overview of the strategic recruitment process in the webinar posted above. 


Finding & keeping employees is a top concern that limits growth

In survey after survey, executives list attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 issue. My firm, TalenTrust, works to ensure Vistage Members have the best strategy to overcome this issue—one that significantly impacts your company’s growth.

Companies can win the “war for talent”

The competition for top talent continues to heat up, and skills shortages are part of the fuel. When skills are in high demand – as they are across most industries and positions right now – taking a tactical approach is rather futile. Three in four workers are open to new employment, meaning the hunt for new opportunities is now constant. It’s also a time of political and economic uncertainty that shouldn’t cause companies to pause their growth plans and related recruiting strategies. Recruitment is an ongoing sales process. If you are losing the “war for talent,” it’s because you are ineffective at fighting today’s battle. You’re likely missing the strategy and using old, ineffective, inconsistent tactics.


Here’s how your company will benefit from having an ongoing recruitment process

  • Attract more qualified candidates that fit your culture
  • Engage with passive candidates who are succeeding elsewhere and likely unaware of your company
  • Experience candidate choice, to address both short-term and long-term needs
    • Compare multiple candidates for each open position, instead of evaluating one candidate in isolation
    • Look beyond your immediate needs and consider opportunistic hiring of game changers and A-players
    • Address turnover with a “bench” of available candidates
    • Manage performance issues and eliminate bottom 10%
  • Boost awareness of your company among top candidates, even if you don’t have immediate hiring needs
  • Improve offer acceptance rates
  • Increase retention and reduce turnover
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Create a competitive edge
  • Improve your bottom line

It’s harder today to find top talent than it is to find new customers. Isn’t it time to apply a sales methodology to your recruiting efforts? Watch our webinar (above), How to Find Great People: Recruitment is a Sales Process.

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