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Debunking the employee turnover myth

“Turnover is only bad when you have no plan to deal with it.” — Merit Gest

Flip turnover and create opportunity

The Vistage Worldwide Guide to Talent Planning for the Middle Market CEO asserts that many companies fail to track and analyze the impact of employee turnover. Tactical analysis can help you understand why people leave and how to keep the great employees from leaving. By performing this task, many companies may conclude that turnover actually can be beneficial for understanding how to set employee expectations, how to onboard effectively and keep your high-performing people engaged for success.

Vistage speaker and professional development thought leader Merit Gest explores The Turnover Myth and examines the opportunities found in employee turnover.

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Are you a Vistage member? Watch the full version of Merit Gest’s remarks on Vistage Studio.

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