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One Culture, Every Generation: How To Build a Unified Workforce [Podcast]


Vistage Executive Summits Presents

A Special Interview with Gustavo Grodnitzky

Is your team united? Or are you operating your business with a serious generation gap?Unified workforce

In this special edition of the Vistage podcast series, hear from Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky, speaker, consultant, psychologist, author of the book Culture Trumps Everything, and Vistage Executive Summit speaker.

Gustavo touches on how to:

  • Overcome the generation-gap within the workplace
  • Use Primary Human Drive to motivate your team
  • Build a cohesive company culture that will result in profit

You will also learn about the differences between each of the four generations found within the current workforce.

Want to hear more from Gustavo?

Attend a Vistage Executive Summit to hear Gustavo on using Gen-Y magna-factors to build a stronger workforce across several generations. Go to to learn more.

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