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Indra Nooyi on building a workforce that’s flexible and fair

As employees return to the office, many CEOs are wondering what kind of model works best for a workforce that got used to home offices and five-step commutes. Full-time remote? Hybrid? A four-day week? 

Former PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi has an idea: “The next year, let us experiment with every model. And let’s share all the best practices of these different models. And then let’s evolve a model that works for society.” 

For Nooyi, who spearheaded tremendous growth during her 13-year tenure as PepsiCo’s chief executive, the new model for workers must be flexible and adaptable across companies and industries. But Nooyi also cautions against creating disparity within these groups.    

“We should not create two classes of people,” says Nooyi. “Your factory workers. Your truck drivers. Your route salesmen. They’re all coming to work every day. They  shouldn’t have to always trudge to work while the office worker rolls out of bed and sits on Zoom.” 

In this clip, Nooyi talks about the need for organizational workplace design, building corporate culture and finding fairness in how we work.


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