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Upcoming Webinar: 4 Key Strategies to Retain Top Talent during Times of Change

Find out how to hold on to your best performers through company change and upheaval.

Change is one of the most significant drivers of an organization’s success. To meet increasing revenue goals, a business must be willing to bend and flex to the ever-changing market demands. While most leaders are quick to identify the overall impacts that the change will have on the bottom line, it’s critical to also remember – it is the employees who are producing the product or service and taking necessary, everyday actions to implement the change or generate the additional revenue.

This Friday, November 8 webinar will review four key concepts to keep in mind to mitigate the impact of change on your employees and increase employee retention in times of change.

In this session, participants will learn to:
• Recognize the impact of change on the workforce
• Understand the critical role leadership plays in the overall success of the change
• Identify multiple methods to effectively communicate with employees
• Develop a plan for actively engaging their employees through the process

Key highlights of this webinar include:
• The principles of change management
• The importance of evaluating leadership skills assessment & leadership alignment
• Methods for effective communication
• The power of employee engagement

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