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Meeting the challenge of the multigenerational workplace [video]

“We cannot escape our demographics. Our demographics are the future that’s already happened.” 

Your workplace is a blend of several generations of employees working together. Brand new college graduates looking toward their future work alongside team members with an eye on their retirement. It might seem improbable that you could build one company culture that embraces their differing sensibilities and appeals to their varied needs and wants. But that is exactly what business leaders must do.

The first of the 84-million-strong Baby Boomer generation began to retire from the workforce about five years ago. Taking their places are the Gen-Xers, of which there are only about 68 million.  Filling the 16-million person gap between them are the Millennials, known as Gen-Y. Finding the common ground among generations to build a culture that serves all of them is crucial to creating a workplace that attracts, inspires and retains top talent.

Watch more from Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzy to learn how to address the challenges of the multigenerational workplace, so you can build one culture that will attract, inspire and retain the best talent across generations


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