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Draw your dreams into reality


Have a goal you want to fulfill? Don’t just write it down. Draw a picture of it.

“You can use a picture to draw your dreams into reality,” said business consultant Patti Dobrowolski, speaking to more than 500 Vistage chairs at this year’s ChairWorld event. “Imagination is the engine of our lives. It can move you forward toward the things you want, or move you back toward the things that you fear.”

During her talk, Dobrowolski walked audience members through the process of sketching pictures that represented their current reality, along with the “three bold steps” they needed to take to reach their desired reality. When you draw a picture of what you want in your life, she said, you increase your chances of fulfilling that goal by 80 percent.

In this video, Dobrowlski explains and demonstrates her innovative process.

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