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8 great podcasts for executive coaches

great podcasts for executive coaches

Executive coaches as a rule are lifelong learners. Even as they help others with their professional and personal development, great executive coaches recognize that they must also attend to their own growth both in the coaching role and beyond.

How can one continuously improve as a coach, run a better coaching business, and even make the personal gains that matter most in life? Look to others who are on a similar path.

Thankfully, we benefit from a wealth of resources to help us on nearly any journey. Among the most accessible — and often entertaining — are podcasts.

There are myriad options covering executive coaching, leadership, business topics and more.

We look at several of the best podcasts we’ve found to spark ideas, inspire with insights, and provide invaluable tips for those embarking on an encore career as an executive coach.

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1. Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft

Dr. Katrina Burrus, a Master Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation in Switzerland, hosts Excellent Executive Coaching (EEC).

Weekly episodes feature interviews with coaching professionals, CEOs, authors and thought leaders. The focus is primarily on leadership coaching and personal development.

One recent episode included a discussion with Sam Isaacson, author of “Superhuman Coaching.” Isaacson and Dr. Burrus explored the role technology, AI, and virtual reality can play in the coaching experience.

The EEC’s 260-plus episode run also includes shows covering an array of other executive coaching challenges, such as engaging with clients. A valuable addition to any playlist!

2. Natural Born Coaches

Natural Born Coaches (NBC) is a weekly podcast with more than 800 episodes. Listen and learn to connect with clients and encourage a healthy mindset.

There are also episodes about the business and financial aspects of coaching, which can be tricky for those beginning an encore career as an executive coach.

NBC’s host is Marc Mawhinney, an entrepreneur and coach. Mawhinney was motivated to help others after his own business closed.

Check out the five-star rating on Apple Podcasts if you need confirmation that NBC is worth your time. As one reviewer states, “Marc and his guests share such valuable information that every coach needs. Every episode is relevant and inspiring.”

3. Coaching for Leaders

Coaching for Leaders (CFL) focuses on leadership, along with professional and personal development. There are more than 600 episodes featuring CEOs, authors, coaches and speakers.

CFL is hosted by Dr. Dave Stachowiak, who founded the Coaching for Leaders Academy. He’s also the co-host of the podcast Ending Human Trafficking.

Be sure to check out episode 326. In it, guest Jeff Hittenberger, the Orange County Department of Education’s Chief Academic Officer, discusses the importance of a growth mindset and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

4. Digging Deep with Mark Sutcliffe

Mark Sutcliffe, the host of Digging Deep, has coached more than 100 CEOs and leaders, launched multiple companies and co-founded the Ottawa Business Journal.

Beyond the business world, Sutcliffe is a passionate philanthropist who has raised more than $200,000 for United Way Ottawa and other causes. He brings experience and enthusiasm to his podcast.

Digging Deep includes interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs, performers and multiple Olympic athletes. But the draw here isn’t the big names; it’s the deep, authentic conversations. Sutcliffe and his guests aren’t afraid to get into tough topics like vulnerability, failure and mental illness.

5. Arete Coach Podcast

The Arete Coach podcast is for executive coaches who have a “deep curiosity about the ‘art and science’ of coaching.” The host, Severin Sorenson, is a current Vistage speaker and former Vistage member.

He was also a Chair for eight years, leading three CEO and key executive groups. Sorenson frequently features past and present Vistage Chairs on the show.

The weekly episodes are longer, ranging from 40 to 80 minutes, and the 1,111th episode aired recently. There’s an incredible depth and range of material to dive into here.

Curious about the podcast’s name? Arete is a Greek term symbolizing excellence, moral virtue, and striving to live up to one’s potential. Maybe this concept will motivate you as you begin your encore career and life beyond the executive suite.

6. A Life of Climb

Vistage’s own podcast, A Life of Climb: The CEO’s Journey, offers unique insights into members’ experiences.

Guests have included Ryan Hogan, CEO of Hunt a Killer, and his mentor, Cheryl McMillan. In another episode, JEM Group CEO Jessica Meyers speaks to the importance of diversity in the construction industry.

Several of the episodes feature both CEOs and their coaches. What better way to learn how each CEO has overcome challenges with their mentor’s help?

McMillan, a Vistage Chair of 16 years, summed up her role in episode 1. “Sometimes I’m a confidant, sometimes I’m a supporter, sometimes I’m a master question-asker, sometimes I’m a kick in the butt.”

7. Tales of Leadership

Tales of Leadership is hosted by Joshua K. McMillion, a combat veteran, active-duty Army officer, and leadership coach with more than 15 years of experience.

The podcast features executive coaches, veterans, military service members and more. The focus is on leadership and being what McMillion calls a “purposeful, accountable leader.”

One highlight is episode 11, with three-time Paralympian Jana Shelfer. During the episode, Shelfer explains how a leader’s biggest obstacle is often their own limiting beliefs.

8. Wholehearted Coaching

This podcast, Wholehearted Coaching (WC), is a little different than the others on our list. Its host is a life coach rather than an executive or business coach. But the lessons on mindset, goal-setting, and authenticity pertain to any coaching relationship.

Shirin Eskandani, who is certified by the International Coach Federation, brings a fresh take to WC. She’s also a former opera singer, public speaker, and writer — a creative mind indeed.

The podcast airs once per week, and there are 143 episodes to date. If you’re unsure where to start, try episode 137, “Transforming Your Mindset.”

Looking for More?

Vistage Chairs are among those contributing their expertise in many formats online — from blog posts to social media feeds to podcasts like Three Rivers Leadership, hosted by Pittsburgh-based Vistage Chair Kevin Trout.

If you’re exploring an encore career as an executive coach — or if you’ve already started down this path — you can find a lot of exceptional and relevant content by seeking out the writings, musings and recordings put out by experienced Vistage Chairs.


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