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The game of business development with Sarano Kelley

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Whether you’re a CEO or professional athlete, there is one critical factor that drives you to perform at maximum potential – the game! Individuals and teams are highly motivated to tap into their deep reservoir of unlimited potential when competing in a game, contest or competition.

The 90-Day Game, designed by peak-performance coach and sales trainer Sarano Kelley, takes CEOs, sales teams and sales management through a unique process to increase productivity and better align their personal and professional lives.

Developed using 30 years of in-depth research based on “game theory,” The 90-Day Game’s proven process will help CEOs:

  • Identify and eliminate unproductive habits
  • Develop an effective system for setting goals and staying on track
  • Generate a team approach to business development
  • Learn key business communication skills that will get your entire team, clients and members of your network to eagerly engage in business development on your behalf

The Game process has been used by organizations as diverse as the White House, NFL and Fortune 500 companies. To date, it has been made into two landmark television shows and will be featured this fall on Laurence Fishburne’s “Behind the Scenes” show.

About the presenter

Sarano Kelley, Founder of The Game and Author of “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days,” grew up in a gang-infested neighborhood of Brownsville, New York. At 16 years old he began his studies at Vassar College. By the time he reached the age of 23 he was already earning $400,000 in commissions as a Wall Street Stockbroker. It was at the height of his professional success when a family tragedy occurred and he lost some of his beloved family members in a sudden fire. The somber experience was the driving force behind Kelley’s journey of new beginnings where he discovered how to produce results, while achieving a life mounted on the principles of balance and purpose.

Kelley helps organizations discover immediate, innovative and actionable steps that will turn adversity into an advantage. Sarano’s unique philosophy of training, coaching and accountability has been called “the perfect trifecta.” Whatever your corporate challenge, his message and vibrant delivery will quickly align the disparate attitudes in your organization, spurring new levels of productivity through a focus on proven principles and methods.

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