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A 3-step technique for improving memory power

The biggest mistake I see CEOs make is not having a systematic process for organizing and retaining information that impacts key relationships, task-driven priorities, and business-critical knowledge.

I often see executives and leaders who are already performing at a very high level, yet 82% in any group I speak to fail to recall more than 50% of the information they want to remember, including names and faces of customers and employees, key points of their presentation or sales script, important numbers, or significant conversations.

If you feel overwhelmed and have too much on your mind, it makes it doubly difficult to take in information, process it, and retain in. In the experience of tens-of-thousands I have trained, all that’s required is an exceptional, well-trained memory. 

How to sharpen your memory

To begin to sharpen your memory, start with these three steps.

  1. Your memory needs a “Place” to anchor memories to. Look around your office and write down five objects you always see when you walk in…the desk, chair, laptop, bookshelf. Number them in that order. Close your eyes and mentally walk through saying the number and object.
  2. Second, write down a list of five goals alongside the objects, in their order of importance. Now, make an active STORY between the desk and your #1, and make each story as outsized, funny or crazy. The more imagination, the better.
  3. Encode the stories into your memory by closing your eyes and mentally walking through the room again — review your stories and goals. To make it last, review it seven times over 10 days. Do you need to remember more? Go to another room and add to your system.

By starting with these three steps, you will build a better memory and enhance recall.

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Scott Bornstein is a Vistage speaker, memory expert and business author who is world renowned for his brain-changing memory systems. His process unleashes the brain’s ability to learn deep and fast, and achieve exc

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