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The importance of positive thinking for CEOs [video]

Positive thinking for CEOs and executive leaders begins with focusing on what they DO want rather than on what they DON’T want.

According to Vered Kogan, a Vistage speaker who coaches executives on change management and personal breakthrough, there is ongoing tension between the desire to achieve the next business goal and the emotions that can cloud judgment. Worry, fear and doubt make up the “mental chatter” that can affect how leaders approach their decision-making.

Science shows us that human beings are biologically wired for negative thinking. This is because survival has depended upon humans’ ability to avoid or escape danger.

“You have five neural networks in your brain for threat and danger for every network associated with positivity and reward,” says Kogan. “That’s why people tend to focus their energy on limiting thoughts that inhibit the ability to make good decisions.”

Our brain’s negative bias can be rewired, but it takes conscious effort to notice negativity when it creeps into our thinking. The brain must be trained to shift toward positive thoughts.

Buddha said very wisely, “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

“I invite you to start noticing your habitual thoughts,” says Kogan. “When you notice a disempowering or limiting thought, shift it to a new, more empowering thought. Focus your intention on what you want so that your powerful mind can help you to achieve it.”

Consciously choosing a positive outlook can help business leaders access their creativity and sharp strategic thinking to realize the business results they want. Kogan encourages executives to start the brain training today to affect a healthier perspective on life and business.

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