[Podcast] Daniel Pink on Motivation: How to Inspire Employees to Perform


Daniel is a New York Times best-selling author, a former White House speechwriter and a featured keynote speaker in the upcoming ThinkBIG:Vistage 2013 International Member and Chair Conference.


When doing more complicated, conceptual, creative work, the three pillars of motivation are:

  • Autonomy: sovereignty over how and when we work
  • Mastery: making progress toward mastery and continued learning
  • Purpose: existence of a larger purpose,

Daniel also discusses and provides answers to the following questions:

– How can one make motivation as an ongoing part of company culture?

– What is the role of the leader or manager in employee motivation?

– How can a leader address motivation for long-term employees and prevent the conversation from getting stale?

– How can managers improve the effectiveness of performance reviews?

– How are generational differences in the work place affectingmotivation and performance?

– Do these theories apply to “blue collar” work?

– Are there best practices for structuring financial compensationto enhance motivation?

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