More Sales in Less Time with Customer Relationship Management

Staying competitive is becoming more challenging each and every day.  Every business is feeling uncertainty and stress.  Rapid changes are straining both sales organizations and the customers who buy their products and services.  How could crm software improve any of that?

Capture Each Opportunity

Have you ever thought about all the sales that slip through your pipeline because they are not ready to purchase right away?  Typical sales people have a closing ratio of about 20-30%.  That means that 70-80% is being tossed away like today’s garbage.

No matter how good a salesperson’s skill, they cannot manage to connect, qualify and sell to 100% of the leads.  Technologies like online CRM allow you to gather the quirky and turbulent data.  The raw data from leads that don’t buy now become a manageable source of future business.

It costs a lot of money to generate good leads even with the best lead sources.  You can take the information about customers who are not ready to buy now and make them a rich source of pro-action – rather than reaction.  Converting these hard-won leads into future business can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Stop wasting your leads.  Use this free online CRM ROI calculator to determine what ROI you can expect from using good sales CRM software.


Organize Your Options

Even top performers are feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced by the quantity of information that must be processed.  It is tough to make decisions about where to focus, how to best spend time each day, and who deserves your utmost attention.

Manage the task of those decisions by putting all the information in one place.  No more searching for the important information you need to close the sale.  Sales professionals will appreciate the automation of time consuming task of keeping track of meeting notes, proposals, emails and letters, names of contacts, personal preferences of decision makers.  A web-based, completely automated CRM keeps it all organized and ready with one click.

That way the sales person looks professional and is focused on closing the sale.  The customer will have more confidence in the person who has everything at the tip of their fingers compared to the one who uses post-it notes as an organizing tool.

“To Do” Lists Get Done

Automated reminders enable each sales person to know where to go and who to see because systems are in place to keep them focused on sales.  Sales managers have access to collaboration tools that keep the communication open between management, sellers and support staff.  Set the security parameters to meet any privacy issues.

Regular reviews allow you to reflect on the entire inventory of opportunities, commitments and immediate actions.  It also allows you to gather and analyze important data about the customer.  The more targeted the sales process becomes, the more efficient profits become for both the salesperson and company.

Manage Attention and Resources Well

Our world filled with infinite possibilities and distractions is the new reality.  The challenge is how we keep our companies and sales staff productive in this new and turbulent world.  Without the power of a CRM system, it can be paralyzing.

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