Put your website and digital marketing to the test

Find out why your website and digital marketing funnels are not performing better and what to do about it!

Vistage speaker Thomas Young reviews and critiques websites to help you find ways to improve your website and grow your sales. He also reviews your digital marketing funnel — looking at key touch points, calls to action and digital conversion points.

Here is a rare opportunity to get very specific and tangible tactics you can use immediately. You’ll get great ideas from each website reviewed.

Get unique answers to these questions as they apply to your company:

  • Does the website clearly communicate value to target markets?
  • What is getting in the way of more leads and sales?
  • Does the website translate what the business does well?
  • Is the design appropriate for the target market?
  • How does the website generate leads?
  • How can a digital marketing funnel nurture those leads?
  • Is the website an excellent content resource?
  • Is the website Google friendly?

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About the Author: Thomas Young

As president and owner of Intuitive Websites, Tom has established himself as a leader in understanding how prospective customers use websites, and has helped his clients create well-designed, user-friendly experiences that positively enga

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