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A step-by-step guide to creating a Customers at a Glance document

How to build a Customers at a Glance document

Executive Summary – This blog post will teach you how to take one step forward to build a better customer experience by using a simple document called Customers at a Glance.

How are you sharing, what I call customer intelligence; information that is gathered after surveying your customers, with your entire team?

I believe companies of all sizes and industries have a greater opportunity to increase customer loyalty, build admired brand and beat their competition by gathering customer feedback.

But, what you do after you gather customer feedback dictates the success of your efforts. Let me introduce you to something you can do before 2016 begins.

What is Customers at a Glance?

One of the most efficient ways to share customer feedback with your entire team is to create a short document I refer to as Customers at a Glance. This document outlines the top 3 reasons your customers said they were loyal (or not) to your service or product. The information is gathered and shared on a monthly basis.

The document should be both concise and easy-to-read. By doing so, you will ensure that everyone in your organization, regardless of tenure or business acumen, will be able to read the information in a few minutes and comprehend its value.

Why should I be using Customers at a Glance?

There are three key reasons why I recommend your company, regardless of size or industry, should create a Customers at a Glance document.

1. Increase customer intelligence

Asking your customers for feedback is vital to understanding their current and future behavior – sharing that data with your entire company is even more valuable. The team with the ability to leverage customer feedback and create positive change within their organization is often the team that wins.

2. Company alignment

I’ve seen firsthand what a Customers at a Glance document can do for a company. Your team is exposed to information that they have never seen before which they will appreciate. The greatest outcome is how this simple document will align your company behind a common goal – creating a better customer experience.

3. Collaboration

If your team is comprised of solution-oriented professionals, they will notice what your customers are saying month over month and want to “increase the good and reduce the bad.” By leveraging this information, they will have an intimate understanding of what is being said by your customers and be motivated to find solutions for customer pain points.

How do I build a Customers at a Glance document?

There are a few simple steps that must be regularly followed to create your document:

  1. You must regularly survey your customers. This information will be leveraged to create your monthly document
  2. Identify common congratulatory and complaint reasons and categories. Be sure to include any “action items” that your company is going to build and deploy to continue to do well or address areas of opportunity to improve your operation.
  3. Share your customer survey completion rates
  4. Share the document via email or your company intranet and post it in your lunchroom

To get you started, I have included an unbranded Customers at a Glance template that you can use. Feel free to make it your own by adding your company’s branding and begin sharing it throughout your company.

Bringing awareness to your company in terms of how your company is performing from a customer experience perspective is a fantastic way to align your organization.

Do you plan on creating a Customers at a Glance document at your company? If so, please feel free to ask me any questions below in the comments section to help you get started. Click here to download the Customers at a Glance template.

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