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How marketing intel can improve your bottom line [video podcast]


Does your company have marketing intel?

If it doesn’t, you’re missing out on some critical information about your customers, says Dave Mastovich, founder and CEO of MASSolutions, a Pittsburgh-based agency that specializes in marketing and sales integration.

Marketing intel, he explains, answers three critical questions for companies:

  • How did your customers find you?
  • Why did your customers choose you?
  • Why do your customers stay or leave?

Knowing those answers will enable your company to improve its marketing ROI and boost the bottom line, Mastovich says.

In this episode of the Vistage Podcast, Mastovich explains his process for gaining marketing intel, which includes interviewing customers, meeting with top stakeholders, and assessing a company’s digital, marketing and branding assets. The insights generated by this process are often surprising, he says, but always valuable.

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