Artificial Intelligence Resource Center

Artificial Intelligence Resource Center

Artificial intelligence has rushed to the forefront of business with the recent emergence of Open and Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT. CEOs and executives are scrambling to take advantage of this new technology and its potential for disruption. In fact, 43% of CEOs believe it presents an opportunity for their businesses, according to our Q1 2023 CEO Confidence Index survey. But for all the opportunities that abound, there’s also confusion as to how it works, how it can be used, and whether there are risks involving cybersecurity.

To better navigate the complexities surrounding artificial intelligence — from its everyday uses to the rise of machine learning and the future of automation — Vistage has created this resource center to bring you the latest information, thought leadership and best practices surrounding AI. Here’s our latest on the big-picture implications of AI and how it can transform business.

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To help with your decision-making, we’ve curated the following:

Network & Conversations

[New] Artificial Intelligence (AI) Network
Join our new AI Network, the go-to place for peers to discuss the thoughtful adoption of AI in business through new policies, technologies, standards and perspectives (password req’d).

Network Conversations

Webinars & Events

Expert roundtable: Navigating Artificial Intelligence for CEOs | June 23 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT
A trio of Vistage experts provides a comprehensive breakdown of AI and its different applications for small and midsize businesses. Gain the knowledge to make informed decisions and get buy-in from your team.

Navigating the Future of Business with AI and ChatGPT | On-demand
An expert panel of Vistage speakers breaks down the impact of these emerging technologies on business and how to leverage them for better results. 

Expert Speakers

Looking for an expert to work with your company or speak to your group? Click below to learn more about these speakers in the Vistage community (password req’d).

  • Brian Burke: Understanding and using ChatGPT to 10x productivity
  • Andrew Louder: The Power of AI and ChatGPT: Unleash Productivity and Profits
  • Mike Foster: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence: What Key Executives Need to Know
  • Dave Nelsen: The Future and How to Prosper in IT 
  • Ross Hartman: Leveraging AI for Executive Success: Practical Applications and Strategies for Transforming Your Business with Artificial Intelligence
  • Tom Young: AI and the Future of Marketing
  • Michael Stratta: Moneyball for Business: Using AI and Data Science in Today’s Competitive Environment
  • Oliver Buechse: Smart Start Your Digital Transformation
  • Severin L. Sorensen: The AI Whisperer: Handbook for Leveraging Conversational Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for Business
  • David Karandish: Three Key Steps To Get Employees Comfortable With AI In The Workplace

Trusted Resources by Topic

What is AI, and what are its business applications?

4 considerations for your approach to artificial intelligence [Vistage]

What is AI? Learn About Artificial Intelligence [Oracle]

What every CEO should know about generative AI [McKinsey & Company] 

Artificial intelligence for small and midsize businesses [Vistage]

The rise of artificial intelligence, explained [Vox] 

Types of AI

5 AI Trends to Watch in 2023 [Built In] 

Types of Artificial Intelligence That You Should Know In 2023 [Forbes]

The 5 Biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends in 2023 [LinkedIn] 

Guidelines and Policies

Make Sure Generative AI Policies Cover Intellectual Property [SHRM]

AI Regulation Is Coming [HBR] 

AI Regulation in the U.S.: What’s Coming and What Companies Need to Know in 2023 []

2023 Will Be The Year of AI Ethics Legislation Acceleration [Forbes]

Security and risks

Cybersecurity Trends & Statistics For 2023; What You Need To Know [Forbes] 

Addressing the Security Risks of AI [Lawfare Institute] 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cybersecurity [IBM]

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Artificial intelligence for small business: 5 lessons from an early adopter [Vistage]

The next frontier of customer engagement: AI-enabled customer service [McKinsey & Company] 

Generative AI Will Enhance — Not Erase — Customer Service Jobs [HBR]


Inside the AL talent wars: Tech companies are ransacking university AI programs at Stanford, MIT, and Cornell in search of engineers [Insider]

Is ChatGPT the Answer to a More Equitable Workplace? [Great Place to Work] 

ChatGPT and AI are the next worker recruitment and retention game-changers [CNBC]

2023 HR Technology Trends: Talent Marketplaces, Expanding AI and Optimizing Existing Systems [SHRM]

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