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The invasion of Ukraine – The economic and middle market impact

On February 24, we woke up to the horrific news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since then, we have seen alarming headlines and experienced geopolitical instability. In these times of near-term uncertainty, we reached out to experts at UBS to help you make sense of these recent events. Shane Lieberman and David Lefkowitz analyze the scenarios that can play out both on the ground in Ukraine and beyond its borders and how it impacts the economy, rising rates, and the middle market.

About the presenters

Shane LiebermanShane Lieberman serves as Federal Affairs Manager in the U.S. Office of Public Policy for UBS Americas. In this capacity, Shane works with senators, members of Congress and their staff on tax, pension, and retirement issues that impact UBS and their clients.

David LefkowitzDavid Lefkowitz serves as the Head of Equities for UBS Americas to help provide an outlook on the economy and markets. David has over 13 years experience as a securities analyst.


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