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The best of 2017: Six insights for building your 2018 strategy

As 2017 comes to a close, we review the most popular posts on business strategies featured on the Vistage Research Center this year–and consider how they inform decision-making for CEOs in the year ahead.

What new business challenges will 2018 bring? Predictions vary, but one thing is certain: Business leaders will face rapid changes and uncertainty that put their decision-making skills to the test.

As a business leader, you don’t need to make these decisions alone. In fact, you shouldn’t. Research from Vistage indicates that executives optimize their decision-making when they seek out perspectives from trusted sources, and then integrate them with their own instincts and judgment.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the top insights featured on the Vistage Research blog in 2017. What follows are the year’s most popular posts—penned by CEOs from across the Vistage community—which cover key decisions relevant to the C-suite. Not surprisingly, these topics are consistent with what our research shows is most important to CEOs.

Consider these insights as you make tough decisions—and strive toward greater ambitions—in the new year.

5 strategies for winning in 2017

Are you working hard but not reaching your goals? Vistage Speaker Holly Green, CEO of The Human Factor, Inc., identifies five strategies for stepping up your game, meeting your professional ambitions and playing to win for your organization.

Digital competitive analysis: The one tool every business needs

The digital revolution has redefined the rules of competitive advantage. Vistage member and speaker Ben Landers, CEO of Blue Corona, explains why conducting a digital competitive analysis is crucial for businesses that want to manage challenges and seize opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.

What CEOs need to know about social media for 2017

Drawing upon research insights from the Vistage CEO Confidence Index, Elumynt Founder William Harris outlines top trends in social media, explains where businesses should focus their attention, and offers strategies for standing out on various social platforms.

The chemistry behind your conversational intelligence

Conversations can influence chemicals in the brain—but what implications does this have for the workplace? Vistage Speaker Judith E. Glaser, CEO of Benchmark Communications, explains how developing “conversational intelligence” can help business leaders communicate more effectively.

To scale your company, focus on these key decisions

If growing a company is hard, scaling a company is downright grueling. Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin shares a decision-making checklist, noting that CEOs that follow this are better prepared to position their companies for scalability.

The journey of the chief decision maker

Vistage CEO Sam Reese shares his journey from new CEO to seasoned CEO, describing how his approach to decision-making has matured over the years and evolved into a rigorous discipline. A member of Vistage for 12 years, Sam suggests a structured framework that leaders can apply to their own decision-making process.

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