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Identifying and Defining Your Ideal Customer

Identifying and Defining Your Ideal CustomerRuss Riendeau is a senior partner of East Wing Group, Inc.—a retained search firm that has worked with Vistage model companies for more than 25 years. He has written six books on talent acquisition and leadership excellence. A Vistage member since 2001, Russ is also a Vistage speaker and one of the most published writers on the Vistage website.


  • A Look at What Goes Into Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  • The Reasons Your Sales People Are Often Unaware of Ideal Customers
  • Balancing the Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of Your Ideal Customer
  • Translating Your Customer Characteristics to Creating a Customer Profile
  • The Responsibilities of a Sales Manager – Including Educating the Sales Team
  • Determining  Whether You Have an Effective Sales Compensation Plan
  • How to Apply Quick Fixes to Your Compensation Plan

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About the Author: Russ Riendeau

Russ Riendeau, PhD, is senior partner of East Wing Group, Inc., a retained search firm, and author of the new audiobook  on psychology in selling and leadership titled: First, Hide The Poison Arrows: A New 3-Point Strategy For Driving Sa

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