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The art and heart of storytelling [video podcast]


For many executives, storytelling is an effective communication tool for bringing a presentation to life. But people aren’t necessarily born with great skills in storytelling or speaking.

It’s “craft that must be learned,” explains Mikki Williams, an award-winning Certified Speaking Professional and Vistage chair who runs “Speaker Schools,” training programs for executives looking to improve their presentation skills. Williams backs that claim with experience: The in-demand coach has spent a lifetime refining her craft, and consequently has served as a speaker in every U.S. state, Canadian province and continent except Antarctica. Meetings & Conventions Magazine named her one of the best speakers in the world, along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Colin Powell and Jay Leno.

In this video from the Vistage Podcast Series, Williams describes the “art and heart” of storytelling and its relevance to business communications. She offers practical tips for executives, covering topics that include:

• How to “keyword” your stories
• Why speakers are in the “emotional transportation business”
• What storytelling and winemaking have in common


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