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Leading Through Change: Insights for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, managing change has become an essential skill for leaders. Watch this webinar with business resource partner Insperity and gain valuable insights into effective change management strategies. Discover the psychological process of change and how it impacts your organization and learn how to best address your employees’ personal needs during times of transition, which is crucial for maintaining employee engagement and performance.

Be sure to leverage this webinar to enhance your change management skills and lead your organization through change with confidence.

About the presenter

Marla MarkoffMarla Markoff has more than 20 years of experience in the Learning & Development/Organization Development field from a corporate, government and consultative background. She has worked in a variety of industries including non-profit associations, the federal government, newspaper organizations and an international, intellectual property organization. Marla received her BA in Psychology from the University of Maryland and an MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology from the University of Baltimore.

Marla is passionate about working with business leaders, employees and everyone that helps a business gain success. Her resume includes project work that ranges from leadership training/coaching for new and experienced leaders, full spectrum of performance management process building, developing employees, e-learning creation, team building, and many others.

Marla has been with Insperity for ten years and currently leads the Washington D.C. Service Team. Prior to leading in these areas, Marla was a Performance Specialist at Insperity and focused on assisting small businesses to achieve their business goals while supporting her teams to increase employee engagement, motivation and productivity that in the end, impacts business results. Her focus with clients is to help businesses succeed so communities prosper.

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