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4 Lessons Learned From Agile Project Management

4 Lessons Learned From Agile Project Management

Project management is like being in school. Why? It’s because you get to learn new things everyday when it comes to managing, organizing, and socializing with people. Like when you’re in school, you have to pick up the pieces of information in order to manage your assignments, organize your schedule, and befriend your classmates.

But besides from these things, both also give life lessons. But it’s just that handling a project tends to be crueler and bloodier.

The Virtue of Patience

It is difficult working in a company that follows an old process since it is likely to lack versatility 4 Lessons Learned From Agile Project Management in meeting the issues and problems that may arise during a project or task. What more when they decide to shift to a new agile project management method?

Establishing the process using a collaborative tool to increase productivity is one of the hardest tasks a project manager could ever handle. Talking to a variety of people which have different personalities, attitudes, and quirks can be a headache. The project manager will be responsible for creating an efficient process based on the conducted interviews which will undergo further scrutiny from higher officials.

Moving Forward Through Acceptance

Accepting that you have done wrong is the first step in dealing with the consequences caused by your decision. It is one of the hardest things a person can ever do since most of us are too proud. Even more so when you’re on top of the game, learning to be humble and acknowledging that you’ve made a wrong decision can turn you into a better project manager.

As a Disney character once said, “Keep Moving Forward.” By accepting, you are one step towards moving on and becoming an awesome leader.

Don’t be Greedy

You know it’s not all about you. The world does not revolve around you. Working and being in an office or company is different from creating a group project back in school wherein you are likely to have a leech for a partner.

When you’re in an office, everyone is entitled to work, not just you. Be collaborative and ask for help with your colleagues. Being a know-it-all and getting all the work has its downside for people are going to judge you as being snobbish and greedy. But you can still be a know-it-all by sharing your knowledge towards the accomplishment of the task instead of breathing every project in. Learn to trust your co-workers abilities to accomplish the job.

Crude Honesty towards Productivity

If there is one thing that agile project management has taught us, it is being truthful and honest of our work. This technology is so crude that you can’t hide anything. From this, it has made many, not just this writer, but a lot of people more productive and hard working in order to achieve their goals.

There are those who complain that this form of management is so difficult and expects a lot of things in return. But if you ask me, aren’t we paid to do our jobs? This process is not just for our bosses to look into our daily work and processes so we can be scolded. It is also for us to know what our strengths and weaknesses are for the benefit of the team and the project.

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