Vistage Perspectives Summer 2024: Elevating strategic growth

Perspectives Summer 24

In this edition of Vistage Perspectives magazine, we feature members who understand that strategy is the lifeblood of any organization and approach it with passion and rigor

The members we spotlight may take different approaches — from building frameworks in-house to working with outside consultants — but know that setting a growth strategy is critical to their organization’s success.

American Crane CEO Karen Norheim

Elevating Strategic Growth

Meet Vistage member Karen Norheim, CEO of American Crane and Equipment Corporation. The pandemic hit shortly after Norheim took over her father’s business. A year later, her father passed away.

Through crisis and grief, Norheim leaned into the support of her Vistage coach, peers and programs to reboot the culture, innovate and grow.

The Great Debate of Strategic Planning | 3 Case Studies

CEOs need strategic planning, but there’s a debate about what approach works best. Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin speaks with a trio of Vistage members who share their specific planning styles and how each method has fueled sustainable growth.

Compassion With a Plan

2023 Member Excellence Award Winner Lena Wilson helps the underserved in Los Angeles by leveraging care and rigor to expand the organization’s services, scope and financial runway. Learn how the Vista Del Mar CEO and president applies for-profit practices to grow her nonprofit organization.

Ageless Wisdom

John Myrna headshot What’s it like to be part of a Vistage peer group? To be so invested in others, and have them so invested in you? John Myrna, a member who drove 160 miles round trip to his meeting each month for 30 years, likened it to a flood of endorphins.

“When you find the love of your life, that moment when you become the CEO and master of your destiny,” he says. “Those events that happen once. My Vistage meetings are every month, and so every month I get that emotional high.”

Merrie Jo Pitera and John Smee

Life After the Sale

Like many CEOs and business owners, you may be dreaming of the day you sell your company. We spoke with three former executives about their lives after “ringing that bell.”

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