Marcus Buckingham on love as a predictor

Companies strive to have more than just customers and employees — they aim to provide experiences that create raving fans. The key is love, says global researcher and New York Times bestselling author Marcus Buckingham.

“We tie that word love to the extreme positives, and it’s a different category of thing,” he says.

Buckingham explains, “You’ve got fives and not five. It’s like boiling water. The boiling point of water is 212 [degrees] Fahrenheit. You’ve got to get it above 212 Fahrenheit. You’ve got boiling and then you’ve got everything else. It’s the same with love.”

That’s not to say that “everything else” is bad, but you can’t predict anything from it, Buckingham says. If you want to predict whether people will buy from you, maintain higher margins with you, or advocate to their family and friends to shop with you or get service from you, you’ve got to get to fives, he says. Achieving that five is a much higher standard, but it’s essential because it’s only when someone says, “I loved it” that you can predict what they will do.

In this clip, Buckingham explains how love is a predictor of behavior and why it is the most powerful force in business.


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