Vistage Perspectives Winter 2024: Small and midsize businesses make a great big impact

Perspectives Winter 2024

In this edition of Vistage Perspectives magazine, we feature the small and midsize business owners who grow both their companies and communities.

We spotlight members of the Vistage community who have dedicated themselves to solving problems, innovating, and creating jobs and opportunities for others. They are truly the engines of their economies.

Harpoon Brewery CEO Dan Kenary toasts with employees

Harpooning the Big One

Nine years ago, Harpoon Brewery CEO and Co-Founder Dan Kenary (pictured above) learned that his business partner wanted to liquidate his stake in the company. Kenary saw this as an opportunity to celebrate his employees and converted Harpoon into an ESOP, giving them 48% ownership of the company. Since then, retention has been high, engagement is up, and the company continues to grow.

Accessibility for Every Body

Mike Ghesser headshot2023 Member Excellence Award winner Mike Ghesser (pictured left) founded Cleanlogic to create skincare tools using organic and recycled materials. But there’s more to the business than high-quality products. With a business partner whose mother is blind and a neurodiverse daughter, Ghesser built a company where those with disabilities could flourish.

Andre Fasciola Matcha

What Can AI Do For My Company? | 2 Case Studies

Since ChatGPT took off in late 2022, artificial intelligence has become the biggest buzzword in business. Here, Vistage CEO members Alex Mulyar and André Fasciola (pictured above) share how they gained a significant competitive advantage by incorporating AI into their operations.

Darrell JacksonLife After the Sale

Members Annette Manias, Tom Thill and Vistage Chair Darrell Jackson (pictured above, left) share their stories of how they sold their companies and are enjoying their “happily ever after” … even if one of them decided to stick around as a CEO.

You’ll find even more impactful stories of Vistage members and experts sharing their advice and solutions with peers. We hope you enjoy this new issue!

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